International Pharmaceutical Trade. Purchasing Specialists & Business Development.

360 global medical
360 Global Medical is a company created by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in distribution, import, export and pharmaceutical representation in general.  
We have a very extensive network of collaborators at national and international level, which allows us to satisfy our client’s demand by giving them access to the product they need, from and to wherever they require it, and with all the health guarantees and product traceability. 

What is our objective?

  • To offer solutions to our clients (distributors, manufacturers, groups, agencies and hospitals) giving them access to products in the sector, nationally or internationally. 
  • To advise and accompany our clients in their business lines or in the process of buying or selling products for any market. 
  • To offer a 360º service, from the moment we receive the request until the product reaches its destination. Our full-service provides security, efficiency and ensures the success of our clients’ requirements, making us their best partner. 

From where and to where do we go?

We locate and distribute products from any country of origin to any destination, always complying with the current legislation, import and export regulations, and ensuring the integrity and traceability of the product from its origin to its destination. 

What products do we offer?

We work with any type of product: 

  • pharmaceutical (brand or generic) 
  • parapharmacy 
  • cosmetics 
  • dermal fillers 
  • medical devices 
  • comparators 
  • raw materials/excipients 
  • shortages 
  • unlicensed. 

Why choose us?


We love what we do and we are motivated by challenges! 

We are passionate and creative, which allows us to reach where others do not, finding solutions that adapt to our clients, which makes us their best partner. 


With more than 25 years of experience in this sector, we already know very well all the process flows and we can offer a 360° service in national and international purchases and sales, import, export, logistics, regulations, traceability and counselling. 


We are committed to maintaining high standards of reliability and transparency in our offers, responses and commercial proposals, analysing each request on an individual and personalised basis, regardless of its size, difficulty or scope. 


Customer Service

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